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Sheep Creek Watershed Monitoring and Assessment

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Water Quality Sampling 

The below table contains the sampling and analysis plans written by Montana DEQ for the nutrient, metal, sediment, temperature, and E. coli monitoring that was conducted in the Sheep Creek watershed in 2015. DEQ monitored the below list of streams for metals, nutrients, and temperature, and Sheep Creek itself was also monitored for E. coli and sediment.  Figure 1 provides a map of the monitoring locations.  

  • Sheep Creek 
  • Big Butte Creek* 
  • Moose Creek 
  • Calf Creek 
  • Little Sheep Creek*
  • Nugget Creek 

*Ongoing monitoring being conducted by Montana DEQ and Tintina Resources


Figure 1. Map of 2015 Monitoring Locations in the Sheep Creek Watershed



Sampling Plan Documents


Document Description


Sheep Creek Watershed Sampling and Analysis Plan:  Nutrients, Metals, and E. Coli (2015) (1 MB)

This Sampling and Analysis Plan includes all of the nutrient, metals, and E. Coli sampling details for the 2015 field season.


Sheep Creek Watershed Sampling and Analysis Plan:  Sediment (2015) (1.4 MB)

This Sampling and Analysis Plan includes all of the sediment sampling details for the 2015 field season.



Project Contacts





Monitoring and Assessment Contact

Darrin Kron


(406) 444-4765


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Page Last Updated: January 24, 2020