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Tongue River Watershed Project Contacts

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Montana DEQ Contacts




Project Responsibilities



Primary Tongue River Project Contacts

Project Coordinator

Christina Staten

Communications with watershed stakeholders to provide project updates and notices of meetings, development and maintenance of the Tongue River project website, and writing portions of the TMDL document


(406) 444-2836

Project Modeler*

Eric Regensburger*

Development and calibration of the Tongue River salinity water quality model, running model scenarios to determine salt contributions from various sources, and documenting modeled results


(406) 444-6714

Project Manager for the Salinity TMDLs

Christy Meredith

All technical aspects of TMDL development and writing portions of the TMDL document. 


(406) 444-6824

Additional DEQ Program Contacts

Water Quality Standards

Myla Kelly

Primary contact regarding Montana’s EC and SAR water quality standards


(406) 444-3639

Water Quality Monitoring & Assessment Darrin Kron Darrin is the Supervisor of the Monitoring and Assessment Section, which is responsible for water quality assessments and salinity impairment determinations for the Tongue River DKron@mt.gov (406) 444-4765

Watershed Restoration


Mark Ockey

Mark is with DEQ's Nonpoint Source Program, which provides technical support for developing watershed restoration plans, prioritizing and implementing restoration projects, and applying for project funding


(406) 444-5351

Coal Mine Discharge Permits Heather Henry Heather is the primary contact for surface water discharge permits related to coal mines.  Heather.Henry@mt.gov (406) 444-2897
Watershed Protection Section Kristy Fortman Kristy is the supervisor of the Watershed Protection Section at DEQ, which includes the TMDL and nonpoint source programs Kristy.Fortman@mt.gov (406) 444-7425
Bureau Chief of the Water Quality Planning Bureau Galen Steffens Bureau Chief of the Water Quality Planning Bureau, which includes the TMDL, watershed restoration/nonpoint source, modeling, water quality standards, and monitoring and assessment staff Galen.Steffens2@mt.gov (406) 444-2680
Bureau Chief of the Water Protection Bureau Jon Kenning Bureau Chief of the Water Protection Bureau, which includes the surface water discharge permitting staff JKenning@mt.gov (406) 444-0420

* Eric Regensburger became the project modeler in January 2019 when the previous modeler, Erik Makus, left DEQ.



Local Conservation Districts


Conservation District

District Administrator or Clerk



Big Horn Conservation District

Gloria Menke


(406) 665-3442

Custer County Conservation District

Carol Watts


(406) 232-7905

Powder River Conservation District

Elizabeth Riter


(406) 436-2321

Rosebud Conservation District

Bobbi Vannattan


(406) 346-7333



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Last Updated: September 30, 2020